as a serial killer my name would be the suspense so my victims would be like “oh no, the suspense is killing me” and we would both laugh right before i killed them


Cat Obsessively Taps At Anything Made Out of Paper


5x15 Bash | Broadway Baby Alternative Cover ‘Klaine Gaze Collection’

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my phone battery died faster than my dreams


i apparently go to bird school
which is for birds

Happy Birthday, Kristen Stewart!

"Someone saw an old movie I was in, The Safety of Objects, and realized that the little boy in it had grown up into this girl — me.

Happy 24th Birthday, Kristen Jaymes Stewart!(April 9th, 1990)

"As long as you make your own decisions and do things because it feels good to you, there will always be people who agreed  and people who don’t."
 ” I’m not gonna try to change who I am to be more like what people think. ” 

“You were my hero. I’m sorry that I forgot that you were human too.” — Human (#335: March 29, 2014)


i’ve been laughing at this gif for 5 minutes because it’s like 

finn’s tryin 2 show quinn his rappin skillz and quinn’s like “finn i don’t understand the only music i listen 2 is taylor swift” 

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